I started to feel the dampness cover my skin, at first like a mist then slowly becoming fuller drops. I kind of squealed and began to pick up the pace from a leisurely stroll to a jog. I held her tighter, she was already bound tightly to me. I looked up to the sky the whitish clouds quickly turning a dark grey. I knew we’d never make it home before it became an all out pouring rain. I looked back down to my baby strapped to me in her sling, knees wrapped around my hips and she was delighted. The drops landing on her face. Was this the first time she was really experiencing rain? This odd panic that had come over me vanished. It was just a little late spring shower, but in my new mom brain I felt as if it were about to be some sort of  catastrophic event and I needed to find immediate shelter in order to protect my baby. We were a block from home. Soon arriving  safely and only somewhat soggy, smiles on our faces. I realized I needed to chill out. That I need not sweat a small rain shower, because bigger storms are undoubtably to come. It was the first of many lessons I’m sure she’ll teach me.



When Daddy brings home the bacon, Mamma’s makin Carbonara

Well, that’s the ideal plan, but Mamma sucks at making Carbonara. And I have given it quite a few tries. So,  it’s Spring here, and the next best thing pasta, sweet sugar peas & bacon. (We have a new mushroom purveyor working with us on the farm so all of a sudden mushrooms are in every dish.)

FullSizeRender (22)

The picture doesn’t do justice to the thickness of this bacon. 1 slice would add plenty of that nice bacon flavor but I used 3, I am breastfeeding after all and my appetite is unruly. (perhaps the reason I’m toting around an extra 28 lbs but whatever…mamma gotta eat). I cut the bacon into lardons (chunks) and render all that goodness. Throw in some mushrooms, a few peas so I feel good about myself that I ate something green, fresh pasta…and boom. Dinner. It’s actually a really quick 15 minute dinner. And of course you veggie heads can do it sans the bacon.

Let’s do this…

FullSizeRender (25)Now when i say, “I woke up one day as a mom on a farm in Pennsylvania”, it wasn’t like a Kimmy Schmidt situation. It was just a very sudden life change, and in comparison to the previous 35 years of my life,  a real 180. The one common thread through all of my adventures and lives that I have lived however, is that I have eaten very well,and enjoyed cooking. Hopefully this blog is a place where I can express my love of cooking, what I am learning everyday on the farm, and my journey into motherhood. Now, I often find myself having to say, “I’m just joking” (even though most of the time I’m actually not) so I also hope that my wit, humor,  and of course my charm, come across in my words, and that people get me. Or not. I am not pretending or trying to show that I have this perfect life. If anything, the goal is to celebrate my mistakes in the kitchen and to be relatable  to anyone who has ever spent the week planning on making a recipe then really screwing it up and having to order a pizza. Nothing is worse than a really thin Carbonara. Yuck! Which leads us to my next post….