Let’s do this…

FullSizeRender (25)Now when i say, “I woke up one day as a mom on a farm in Pennsylvania”, it wasn’t like a Kimmy Schmidt situation. It was just a very sudden life change, and in comparison to the previous 35 years of my life,¬† a real 180. The one common thread through all of my adventures and lives that I have lived however, is that I have eaten very well,and enjoyed cooking. Hopefully this blog is a place where I can express my love of cooking, what I am learning everyday on the farm, and my journey into motherhood. Now, I often find myself having to say, “I’m just joking” (even though most of the time I’m actually not) so I also hope that my wit, humor,¬† and of course my charm, come across in my words, and that people get me. Or not. I am not pretending or trying to show that I have this perfect life. If anything, the goal is to celebrate my mistakes in the kitchen and to be relatable¬† to anyone who has ever spent the week planning on making a recipe then really screwing it up and having to order a pizza. Nothing is worse than a really thin Carbonara. Yuck! Which leads us to my next post….


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