When Daddy brings home the bacon, Mamma’s makin Carbonara

Well, that’s the ideal plan, but Mamma sucks at making Carbonara. And I have given it quite a few tries. So,  it’s Spring here, and the next best thing pasta, sweet sugar peas & bacon. (We have a new mushroom purveyor working with us on the farm so all of a sudden mushrooms are in every dish.)

FullSizeRender (22)

The picture doesn’t do justice to the thickness of this bacon. 1 slice would add plenty of that nice bacon flavor but I used 3, I am breastfeeding after all and my appetite is unruly. (perhaps the reason I’m toting around an extra 28 lbs but whatever…mamma gotta eat). I cut the bacon into lardons (chunks) and render all that goodness. Throw in some mushrooms, a few peas so I feel good about myself that I ate something green, fresh pasta…and boom. Dinner. It’s actually a really quick 15 minute dinner. And of course you veggie heads can do it sans the bacon.


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