I’ve always had a passion for food and cooking and have been fortunate to live up and down the east coast and work in some amazing restaurants. About three years ago (Oct 2013) I was working as a server at a restaurant in Ocean City, MD and was also the co-owner and instructor at a yoga studio, when I decided to move to New York City. Why would I leave sandy beaches, sunny skies and my laid back lifestyle for the concrete jungle you ask? for a boy, of course. Well a man, actually, well in retrospect, a man child really. From NYC I followed said man child to Lancaster, PA. What? Amish country? Yes! Anyway, he’s long gone, dumped me about 3 months after we arrived in PA and I was left in despair. Or at least until….I met my Farmer. Lights flashed, the stars aligned, time stopped.

It was a Saturday, in Lancaster’s Central Market, Americas oldest continually ran indoor market-but we’ll talk more about that later, anyway, I was on my way to get Mary’s goats milk feta from her stand, Linden Dale Farm, when I saw him, all 6 foot 4 of him. Tall, long haired, big handed, rugged  MAN. I literally fell over myself to get next to him, and when I did, I looked up and was like…bow chicka wow ow. We chatted, bought our cheeses and wound up at Shanks Chicken stand, buying some thighs. Then fate, or perhaps some mild stalking on my part, landed us together over at Mean Cup, notorious for its long line, we were next to each other and had plenty of time to chat. He bought my coffee, we strolled around to some other shops together, he invited me to lunch, and skip all the details, here we are about to move on his family farm with our 5 month old Goldie. Needless to say, lunch went well.

It seems right that the universe would place me by the side of a man that spends his life growing food, considering it is what I’m  most passionate about. Having this opportunity to live on a farm, and raising our baby there is really a gift. So many things to learn. So many new ingredients to work with. He and I both love to cook (and eat). His parents live on the farm, as well, and they too share our passion for food (plus his mother’s cookbook collection is amazing.) After years of roaming around aimlessly alone, I found where I belong. Where I fit in. With the man that I love, our beautiful daughter, and an entire new family and way of living. I’m sharing my stories about food, farm life and motherhood.  FullSizeRender (3)